Flag House Inn

Far Away Pluto VS. Up Close and Personal in Annapolis, Maryland July, 2015

We have been following the New Horizons voyage to Pluto and held our breath with the scientists last week when the spacecraft’s communications suddenly shut down. After traveling more than 4 billion, yes that is with a “b”, miles from earth New Horizons was about to begin photographing Pluto in just a few days. Since it takes over 4 hours for a message from the spacecraft to reach earth and 4 more hours for any message back to reach the spacecraft it became an unbelievable moment for all who have worked on the project as well as all of us looking forward to seeing the photos of Pluto. As with Apollo 13, the scientists got together and worked our the problem and solution and now we can all view photographs of Pluto up close and personal. No longer that far distant “almost planet” it is now close enough for us to touch on our computer screens.

That got me to thinking about all the things in Annapolis that can be viewed up close and personal walking around this beautiful National Register Historic District. There are more original 18th century homes here in Annapolis than any other US City. Just around the corner from Flag House Inn are the William Paca House, the Chase-LLoyd home (both Paca and Chase were signers of the Declaration of Independence) and the Hammond-Harwood house. All of these were built in the mid-1700’s with the Chase-Lloyd home still lived in today while the other two are museums for touring. So much history, so close, so personal and all much closer than 4 billion miles away.

So, when you are finished looking at the many fascinating photographs of Pluto think of taking some photographs of your own of the beautiful buildings you can see and actually touch here in Annapolis, Maryland.

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