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Pumpkin time of year – Oct 2014

Halloween is almost upon us and beautiful pumpkins adorn many front porches and steps in historic downtown Annapolis. Since the 31st is on a Friday this year I am sure many children will be out and about in their costumes and coming to front doors for the annual “Trick or Treat” evening. I was particularly pleased yesterday when a note came in our mail from students at St. John’s College here in town. They will be collecting canned goods for the Lighthouse Pantry in our area. What a wonderful way for the college students to be out and about on that festive evening but also to be doing so much good for those in need. I have my stack of canned goods by the front door awaiting their arrival on Friday evening.

For the baker in me this is the season of pumpkin breads, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pies and pumpkin pancakes. I have yet to find pumpkin syrup so it will have to be tradition maple syrup for the pancakes. I remember the year I sent my recipe for pumpkin muffins to our son who was living in San Diego at the time. The recipe called for 1C of pumpkin. I knew what that meant but to a young man it translated to one can. After trying the recipe about three times and finding they never got firm he finally called for guidance and I told him that the capital C in a recipe stands for cup not can. An easy mistake to make (for I know I made many in my early years of cooking) and he went on to make wonderful pumpkin muffins which to this day are a hit when he takes them in to work for his colleagues to enjoy.

If you find yourself out and about on Friday evening be sure to watch out for the little trick or treaters wherever you are. They are so excited and can often forget to look both ways before crossing so we must be alert for them. Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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