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Thinking about special occasions – June 2014

This month our family has many special occasions to celebrate. One of them is our anniversary. When we were in college graduation occurred early to mid-June which may explain why there are so many June brides. Not only is the weather improving in June but many are getting out of school and beginning lives as a couple soon thereafter.

Bill and I were thinking of where we wanted to eat today to celebrate our 43rd anniversary. Running a B&B can limit your ability to get out for dinner as it does for us today. We have guests checking in this evening between 6 – 8 PM so we cannot go out for dinner. So an anniversary lunch it will be. Living in Annapolis, Maryland affords us the opportunity to choose many excellent restaurants with different cuisines. As we stood at the kitchen counter waiting to serve our guests their breakfasts this morning we started going through choices. There was Thai, Italian, French, Irish, American. So many choices. Our final decision would shock many, though. We decided to go to a local diner for lunch. Why, one might ask, with all the wonderful food to choose from would you choose a diner?

There is a simple explanation. Our first meal together, after we left our wedding reception, was at a diner. We had checked into “The Motel in the Woods” in New Hope, PA and headed out to look for something to eat. Forty-three years ago there weren’t many places to eat in the very small town that New Hope was at that time. We drove around and eventually found a small diner along the side of the highway and that was where we shared our first meal alone as a married couple. So, today when we went through the many options and a local diner popped into Bill’s head we knew it was the right choice.

Sometimes what you eat is not as important as the meaning of the meal. Whether it be to remember a sacred day in your lives, to share with family or friends, or just a place you have always like to frequent your choice is because it means something special to you.

I think of this every time we have a repeat guest return to our B&B. There was something special that occurred while they were here to make them want to come back again. Sometimes it is nothing more than the fact that we have onsite parking but other times, as for one couple that has stayed with us every year in the past 18 years, it is the comfort of familiarity and our friendship over the years that keeps drawing them back to Flag House Inn. We look forward to welcoming them back next week and look forward to many more return visits in the future.

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